Clermont, Minneola, Groveland & Oakland are my closest towns.  I have at my fingertips access to many subscription databases, local history books, and  my local LDS Center. 

Each research case is unique and depending on the time era, location and nature of the search may limit record accessibility.  My services include an analysis of my findings, copies of any documents I find, transcriptions, a family report and a detailed source list.  

I also do Family Tree Posters.  Pedigree Format, Tree Format, or custom.  Depending on the content you have, I can help customize the right presentation format.  These make great Christmas and Birthday gifts.  I need at least 6 weeks advanced notice.


Contact me to schedule a free personal consultation at the local Cooper Memorial Library, by phone or via e-mail.  When you call, please leave a detailed message otherwise feel free to use the above contact form.  Consultations are up to 1 hour and we will collaborate on a plan and give you an idea of what you could reasonably expect from the research.


Research is charged by the hour. $25/hour for most services including preparation for all services.  Fee's for copies will be $.50/copy or the fee of the establishment.  Fee's for document retrieval will be according to what the town or record holder charges. After our consultation, I will provide you with a no obligation research quote. 


I have taken the National Genealogical Society Family History Skills Course (2019)

I am currently working on my education toward my certification for the Board for Certification of Genealogists

I am a member of the NGS (National Genealogical Society).

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There is no guarantee that the research I do will answer your question or produce the desired outcome

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Will review information, prepare a research plan to answer your question, carry out the research and provide a detailed report.

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Privacy Statement:  Your contact information will be kept confidential.  All research that I do is confidential with the exception of any authorized content.


Genealogy Services to help find your ancestors

I live in Clermont, Florida and have access to the local library (Cooper Memorial) for book copies and holdings along with local city directories.


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 J. Dermott ~ New Port Richey, FL

“Thank you for helping me find my father."

Genealogy is investigative work that can take a few hours or a few weeks! It depends on how little or much you are looking for.




Lets start here by taking a brick out of the wall...

I can help you get started doing your own family research

Karen - Clermont, FL

“I love the 4 generation tree you made for me.  Thank you so much!"

Keith ~ Lake Hamilton, FL

“I came to you for help starting my family tree and you helped me figure out how to use DNA matches in my research.  Thank You!"

With over 23 years experience in genealogy research, I aim to help provide the service that you need to either break down a brick wall or simply help you get started in your family search.


That starts with a personal consultation where I get to know your needs and troubles are. Then we develop a plan to meet your expectations and goals.


Need help organizing and preserving your family photo's, old letters and documents?  I can help there too!

About Me!

My name is Celina Pearson and I was born and raised in New Jersey before moving to Clermont, Florida in 2007. Genealogy has been my passion for over 23 years!  I love what I do and love putting complicated puzzle pieces together.  Genealogy is a never ending puzzle with twists and surprises that make the journey exciting!  

In 1997, I was told by my aunt that I was part Cherokee Indian and that my Indian ancestor marched on the trail of tears holding the flag of the Cherokee Nation then handed me starter book of family and a genealogy software disc.  Who was this Indian Ancestor I asked?  Now the detective inside couldn't resist the temptation of a good research project and off I went.  Little did I know, it would turn into a full blown hobby and connect me with so many ancestors who each had their own story.  Back then, I had to comb through records page by page unlike today.  

Over the years, I have endured trying times but genealogy always gave me solace in an often stressful life.  I have forged many cousin relationships and "partners in crime" and have overcome many challenges in my own family research.  

With the introduction of Ancestry DNA a few years ago it has not only confirmed my years of research, it also posed a new set of questions and challenges that the paper trail could not answer. 

I LOVE GENEALOGY for its challenge and excitement.  Problem solving and finding what couldn't be found.